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Terms and Conditions

About the definition

indicates the contract which shows a customer needs to consent this Use Agreement and the cautions on use, and also needs to use application in a procedure our company predetermined by the application deadline. Also, “Contract” means a contract which is about service between customer and us after we consent the application.
refers to the WZ NEXT Wi-Fi Modem rental Plan service which accompanies the Wi-Fi Modem communication device which is offered by us.
“Starting Date”
Starting Date implies the date of which the user receives a Wi-Fi modem.
“Ending Date”
Ending Day implies the date of which the user returns the Wi-Fi modem.
“Rental Charge”
Charges of respective pocket Wi-Fi plans included basic charge, rental fee, delivery cost, and option fees.

Article 1: Terms and conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all customers renting devices and the attached accessories (hereafter referred to as rental device(s) respectively) from WZ NEXT Pty Ltd. (hereafter referred to as our company).
  2. All times in this document are according to Sydney local time

Article 2: Acceptance of your application

  1. This service contract concludes at the point of we accept the order application which WZ NEXT predetermine.
  2. WZ NEXT may not accept the order in following cases. Also, WZ NEXT may cancel the contract without notification and having an agreement from the person who ordered if WZ NEXT find the following cases even if it is after the contract is concluded.
    • If WZ NEXT can not provide services due to unavailability of requested modem or device.
    • If WZ NEXT determines that the user of the application breaches or has possibility to breach this agreement.

Article 3: Pick-up and return

  1. An order for this service must be placed by the Customer before 2 PM Monday to Friday. If the Customer's order for this service arrives after 2 PM, then the order will be considered to be placed on the next business day.
  2. Delivery dates are business days (non-holidays) Monday through Friday.
  3. If the service item is sent by post to the address specified by the user, WZ NEXT is not responsible if the service item cannot be delivered on the start date or within the specified delivery time due to an accident or delay during transport. WZ NEXT is also not responsible for any loss during the post. Even if delivery is made before the start date due to postal circumstances, WZ NEXT will charge an additional rental fee if evidence of use before the start date is found.
  4. Picking-up and returning of the device shall be made and confirmed at the place to specify. We shall not be responsible for any delay in delivery due to circumstances, even if the delivery cannot be made on the date the application requested. Customer needs to pay for the additional rental charge if the device reaches to the specified place earlier than the first date and customer uses the device before the first date of rental period.
  5. Customer shall check the contents immediately after received the device kit. It is regarded as the customer received and passed in the normal state if customer does not contact us within 48 hours after receipt a device kit.
  6. Return of the rental device shall be performed in Express Post Bag. However, the postage fee is customer's burden if a return tool does not be used according to customer negligence such as loss or returning how to specify the customer.
  7. The return which passes over an effective postmark day is delayed and pays the arrears by a postmark day. However, customer needs to pay for the additional rental fee if customer used the device later than the final date even if it is within an effective postmark day.
  8. WZ NEXT may destroy the extra attached goods at the time of return without customer's consent.

Article 4: Rental Range

  1. The length of service shall be determined up on the user’s request.

Article 5: Changing the detail of order

The person who ordered must contact immediately WZ NEXT if the name, address, payment method, and credit card information has changed and also must send the document to prove.

Article 6: Changing and extension of contract

  1. Customer needs contact us 3 business date before of the pick-up date and approval of us shall be obtained when customer wishes to change the detail of the contract.
  2. In order to extend the rental period, customer needs to notify WZ NEXT in advance and it needs to be before the final date of the rental period. In that case, customer needs to pay for the extension commission and the charge for each plan. In addition, if customer continued using the rental device without approval of us, customer needs to pay the arrears.
    Japan Wi-Fi service:$8.80/a day Other country Wi-Fi:$18.70/a day Spare Battery:$5.50/a day
  3. When the device is not returned to WZ NEXT three days after from the returned date, you will have to pay as for delayed fee.
    Japan Wi-Fi service:$11.00/a day Other country Wi-Fi:$22.00/a day Spare Battery:$8.80/a day
  4. You may extend your service length up on your request, and depending on the additional number of the days to extend, extension charge may occur automatically. Once extension request has been made, cancellation shall no be accepted.
  5. It is possible to return the device earlier than the final date, but the rental fee for the remaining days will not be refunded.

Article 7: Cancellation

  1. When a user wishes to cancel this agreement, immediate notification of the cancellation should be given to WZ NEXT.
  2. If a user wishes to cancel this agreement after having received the rental device(s) by delivery, it is the user’s responsibility to return it on his/her own expense within two working days. Contact WZ NEXT by emails regarding the delivery and if the user neglect or fail to contact WZ NEXT within the next 2 days, the user must pay relevant penalty according to Article 10-Table 1.
  3. Once your application is completed through the website, cancellation shall not be made within one week before the receiving date or if you have already received the device. The relevant rental fee(s) of full amount will be charged the applicant or the user of the device.

Article 8: Charge

  1. The payment of the rental charge is beforehand.
  2. The person who ordered shall pay the following charges after return the device.
    • Additional rental fee.
    • Late fee.
    • Broken or lost fee according to Article10 and other charges
    • The charge about other accompanying service

Article 9: Payment method

  1. The payment is only acceptable by credit card under the name of the person who ordered. We may send a bill to the specified address if the credit card company turns down the credit card. And credit card surcharge fee costs 1.50% for paying bills by Visa or MasterCard®.

Article 10: Control of device kit and lost or damage device

  1. Customer shall care for and use the rental device for its intended purpose according to the instructions provided by us.
  2. If the rental device is lost or damaged during the rental period, customer needs to inform us immediately. In this case, customer shall pay us the device price in Table 1.
  3. The communication fee by third parties who arose on the occasions such as a theft shall have the duty of payment to customer.
  4. Even if device carried out such as a theft are discovered/recovered after (after settling accounts with a specification card) issue a bill from us, device price shall not return.
[Table 1]
Plan Pocket Wi-Fi Plan/Mobile Plan
Body Wi-Fi Modem for Japan and Other Countries / Japanese mobile: $ 550.00
SIM Card $55.00
* If a user lost a SIM card and a Wi-Fi (Mobile) modem, you will have to pay Body fee in all.
Charge/AC adaptor/USB cable/Bag case $55.00/each
Extra Battery $110.00
Wrong return location $198.00
* When the user brings back the rental service item received in Japan to Australia, or when the rental item received in Australia is accidentally returned in Japan.
(Extension fee until the date of return will also be charged)

Article 11: Prohibition

  1. Customer shall not attach any other device to our rental device(s). Modifications or replacement of any parts of the device(s) is prohibited.
  2. Customer is not allowed to give, pawn, or lend our rental device(s) to any third parties nor shall customers commit any act that violates our right with regard to the device(s).

Article 12: Policy for fair usage of data communication

Subscribers, etc. shall agree to the following matters.

  1. When a communication company within and outside of Japan identifies a massive volume of data communication, the communication volume for the line may be limited without prior notice in order to maintain network quality and fair usage of radio waves. For this reason, Internet connection may be lost or the communication speed may decrease.
  2. In the event of usage restriction to mobile communication devices, etc. due to the reason in the above section, the Company shall take no responsibility and the subscribers, etc. shall pay the usage fees, etc. to the Company.

Article 13: Compensation insurance

Subscribers, etc. shall agree on the following matters.

  1. Compensation insurance can be subscribed only at the time of application.
  2. Compensation insurance shall indemnify all or part of the compensation relating to loss, theft and breakage of mobile communication devices, etc., and not indemnify fees for communication, etc. until suspension of the line as well as lost earnings, etc. by subscribers, etc. due to loss, theft and breakage.
  3. When compensation insurance is subscribed and loss or theft of mobile communication device, etc. occurs, subscribers, etc. shall submit a theft report certificate issued by a local police office or an equivalent document as evidence of such theft.

Article 14: Cancellation of this agreement

  1. In the case that actions by subscribers, etc. fall under any one of the following paragraphs, the Company may immediately cancel the contract without any warning.
    1. Discovery of false information on the application form
    2. Deterioration of credit standard
    3. Breach of this agreement
    4. Purposes of device usage are unlawful or against public morals
  2. If your contract is forcibly cancelled by WZ NEXT, rental device(s) must be returned immediately and all of required costs/damages due to the cancellation shall be outside of WZ NEXT’s responsibility.
  3. Cancellation shall be conducted according to Article 10-Table 1 when you failed to notify WZ NEXT for the service extension request, and if the device is not returned maximum 3 days after the original return date.

Article 15: Change of this agreement

We may change the detail of this agreement without a preliminary announcement and each plan rate and customer should have followed. In this case, we will inform by updating our website or other way.

Article 16: Policy on handling personal information

The Company shall use personal information obtained from subscribers, etc. within the scope of purposes under the privacy policy of the Company, and subscribers, etc. shall apply for the Service upon accepting the policy.

Article 17: Policy on service

Prior to commence your service, users must read thoroughly and understand the contents of all of documents, websites regarding pocket Wi-Fi modems and Mobile service for Japan and Overseas), that WZ NEXT provides.

Article 18: Applicable and jurisdiction

  1. All of users who agreed with the conditions/terms of this agreement must to comply with respective Australian NSW State Law in case of lawsuit regardless of scale the case or money amount of prosecution.

Note: This terms and conditions shall be revised and enforce on 01/12/2021

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